Taking the Breakthrough to the Classroom

What Teachers Need to Know About TBC

This seminar introduces teachers to TBC’s Management Methodology™. School community members learn how to work less, produce more, and still get the job done in partnership with administrators who are using TBC’s methodology. The program is ideal for the support and advancement of school-based Professional Learning Communities.

In this one-day graduate level seminar, TBC principals & secretaries join with their teaching and classified staff to:

  • Introduce TBC’s Management Methodology™ to the larger school community
  • Educate staff about how to best interact with the front office in order to get their professional needs met
  • Train staff in specific management practices that can be integrated into their professional environments in order to work less and produce more
  • Elevate and honor the coaching relationship between administrator and staff, such that staff are eager and willing partners in their own development

Who Should Attend:

TBC graduate teams who have been practicing TBC’s Fundamentals™ for at least 9 months, and their teaching and classified staff.

Program Format:
Conducted over one day with one presenter, 8 am – 4 pm.

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