The Podcast Series

TBC Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Administrators who are working to implement TBC’s Management Methodology™ into the day-to-day operations of their schools can now take advantage of monthly reinforcement.

TBC’s Podcast Series is designed to assist graduates as they deal with the initial challenges involved in implementation. Each 20-minute session is delivered in a downloadable format that administrative teams can access as their schedules permit. Topics include:

  • How to conduct a productive daily secretary meeting
  • How to insure scheduling success and avoid common breakdowns
  • How to make Coaching and Office Days work for everyone
  • How to eliminate the email inbox in less than two weeks
  • How to manage with integrity – the power of keeping your word
What is covered?
Each podcast answers the most frequently asked TBC “how-to’s”, and provides specific steps for daily practice. The series includes twelve sessions delivered electronically, once a month. Each month listeners receive an email from TBC with the link to their next podcast. Unlimited access is also provided to all previously downloaded podcasts, which allows listeners to build and revisit their TBC library for years to come. The entire series aligns with TBC’s Timeline for Implementation. This encourages listeners to practice and master one step at a time, before moving on to the next.

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