Customized Coaching

TBC’s Customized Coaching Program is designed to help high-performing individuals reach their personal and professional goals more quickly, with greater success and less effort. The program’s single focus is producing breakthroughs in our clients’ time, results, and satisfaction.

Clients are matched with TBC master coaches in a collaborative, action-oriented relationship. TBC coaches provide the expertise and accountability clients need to:

  • Master fundamental management practices to increase their time in classrooms and enhance the value of their coaching
  • Define a purpose for their instructional leadership that directs their daily actions
  • Make effective use of their skills and time by identifying peripheral responsibilities to relinquish
  • Identify internal and external partners who will champion their efforts
  • Regain confidence and enthusiasm for their work
Who Should Participate:
Executive-Secretary teams who have completed TBC’s 2-Day Program and who demonstrate the following:

  • A minimum of three months’ practice with TBC’s fundamental practices
  • An acknowledged track record of high performance
  • A stated commitment to increasing specific student performance indicators in their schools and departments

Program Format:
Minimum 12 month consulting agreement consisting of two, 30-minute phone calls monthly with a certified TBC Coach.

To learn more contact The Breakthrough Coach at 904-280-3052 or

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