TBC’s curriculum incorporates a contextually relevant subject, a structure for on-the-job practice, peer cohorts to promote group learning, and opportunities for one-on-one coaching. Give your professional development program real “staying power” with TBC’s consistent, step-by-step approach.

Year One

Conference Sessions

TBC’s Management Methodology™ introduced in up to 3 hours. Transformational and practical, this program measures group readiness for further training. Learn More

2-Day Program for Administrators and Secretaries

TBC’s core training for administrative teams. This program has a track record of multiplying the time principals spend in classrooms by 500% or more! Support materials included. Learn More

The Podcast Series

Administrators who are working to implement TBC’s Management Methodology™ into the day-to-day operations of their schools can now take advantage of monthly reinforcement. Learn More

Day 3

For 2-Day graduate teams who are ready to expand their understanding and application of TBC’s Management Methodology™. Learn More


Year Two

Customized Coaching

TBC’s Customized Coaching Program is designed to help high-performing individuals reach their personal and professional goals more quickly, with greater success and less effort. Learn More

Taking The Breakthrough to the Classroom

This seminar introduces teachers to TBC’s Management Methodology™. School community members learn how to work less and produce more in partnership with administrators who are using TBC’s methodology. Learn More

An Introduction for Boards of Education

Districts that are implementing TBC’s Management Methodology™ benefit greatly when their efforts are supported by their boards of education. Learn More