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How to Work Less, Produce More and Still Get the Job Done in a Sensible School Week

Implementation of the Management Methodology™ presented in this workshop has been proven to multiply the time principals spend in classrooms by 500%, reduce their weekly work load by 20 hours, AND generate a corresponding rise in student achievement.

This workshop introduces participants to management strategies that will free them from front office “administrivia”, empower their staff, and allow them to spend the majority of their time as instructional leaders.

Participants Learn How To:

  • Observe classroom instruction for two full days each week
  • Maintain a sensible work week by increasing personal productivity and efficiency;
  • Employ best practices for using administrative support
  • Produce breakthroughs in student achievement through improved organization of the entire school community

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Principals see themselves as “Executive Coaches”, capable and accountable for producing positive outcomes in student achievement
  2. Principals learn how to empower their school staff to run front office operations
  3. Principals are able to implement three practices designed to achieve objectives 1 & 2

Who Should Attend:
Elementary & Secondary School Principals, District Office Administrative Managers, Superintendents and Board Members.

Workshop Format:
Can be conducted in 1-3 hours and includes lecture, small group discussion, and Q&A.

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