About The Breakthrough Coach

The name, “The Breakthrough Coach” is reflective of our underlying approach to change. There are times in our professional and/or personal lives (and, in our society, the two are very often intertwined) when dramatic course correction is required – when we need to re-examine what we are doing because the status quo is no longer producing the results we want. We know we need to do things differently, but we don’t know what – or how. The term, “breakthrough” is used to describe that point at which we say, “Aha! That’s what’s wrong! That’s why it’s not working!” Breakthroughs happen most often when someone who is objective helps us look at what we are doing, suggests changes, and guides us as we implement those changes. Sports terminology defines that person as a “coach” – someone who does not make changes for us, but, rather, supports us as we make those changes ourselves.

The Breakthrough Coach (TBC) works with school administrators to identify changes that need to be made and presents a Management Methodology™ for effecting those changes. TBC also serves as a resource while those changes are implemented.

TBC’s principals, Malachi & Jill Pancoast, head a coaching team with decades of experience in both the business and education environments. The Pancoasts founded TBC in 1998 and in the ensuing sixteen years have worked with over 26,000 administrators throughout the United States and several other countries.