The Breakthrough Coach 2-Day Program

How to Work Less, Produce More & Still Get the Job Done in a Sensible School Week

What if you could trim 20 hours off your work week AND multiply your time in classrooms by 500%?

In This Program Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Maintain a sensible workweek by increasing personal productivity and efficiency
  • Observe classroom instruction for two days each week
  • Fulfill your role as “Instructional Leader”
  • Employ best practices for using administrative support
  • Organize your school community to produce breakthroughs in student achievement

Who Should Attend:
Site Principals – all levels, District Office Administrative Managers, Superintendents, and their Secretaries.

Program Format:
Conducted over two full days; Includes lecture, small group discussion, Q&A, and hands-on implementation.

Program Outline:

  • The Breakthrough Coach (TBC): Expertise in School Management
  • Breakthrough Thinking: Philosophical Underpinnings of TBC’s Approach
  • Who Comes to this Program? Administrators Speak About What’s at Stake
  • Program Ground Rules: Etiquette for Participation and Group Learning

A Brief History of the Principalship

  • Where we are today
  • Management Redefined: What It Is…What It Isn’t…Why It Matters?
  • Form Follows Function: The Principal’s Office Deconstructed for High Performance
  • Producing a Breakthrough in Results: 7 Steps on the Road Less Traveled

The Secretary As Managerial Partner

  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We’ve Woven…
  • The Job of the School Secretary Redefined
  • 10 Most Effective Ways to Work with a Secretary
  • Linguistic Distinctions for School Leaders
  • Defining Requests, Satisfaction Requirements & Accountability
  • Negotiating Promises, Declines & Counteroffers
  • On Becoming The School’s Language Leader

Building Community Support

  • How to Involve District Office, Staff, and Parents in this Initiative

Principal + Secretary = Executive Team: Bringing the Skill Sets Together

  • Working the Fundamentals Cooperatively
  • Hands-On Practice with Coaching

Completion and Goal Setting

  • Conversation for Implementation

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